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Friday, July 31, 2015


When we bought this big beautiful Pleasant House we agreed that it had to be: Coastal. Clean. Simple.  Getting it that way was work enough, neither of us had band width for more.  So we went with Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Which I love, but really, I'm a sucker for a pattern. As homage to my suckerness and also to Mrs. Stearns, the genius engineer - solo sailer - artist who died here, we left these two patterns intact.  

Guest room closet
Guest room closet, close up
middle staircase at 19 Pleasant
Middle staircase close up
 There's history in these patterns.  Someone thought about them and chose them, thought they implied taste and fortune and good breeding.  I've learned that in/around 1850 when 19 Pleasant was built, "more was more".  Even in hidden places, like our attic stairs.  Look at this:

The staircase to the front attic

Pleasant Dreaming.

(I love Design*Sponge and they love patterns.  It's a great source for pattern inspiration.  And nobody does it like Tricia Guild.  Look. )

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